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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Why are we drawing when this is ceramics class?

The students in the all-star academy ceramics class have been adding drawings to their sketchbooks in order to plan for future clay projects. As an artist, all of my ideas begin in my sketchbook, a place where I revise, rework, and transform my plans for larger scale projects. My sketchbook is a place I return to when I need new inspiration, new direction, or new options. As an art eductor, I believe it is my responsibility to teach students the vital role of the sketchbook in the creative process.

Sketchbooks are:

1. A place where we can create concrete plans, including the steps, processes, and materials needed for larger scale projects

2. A place to gather and synthesize images and ideas

3. A place where we can visually document events, people, and places. It is a place where we can remember.

4. A place where we can work out creative problem solving processes

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