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Sunday, November 21, 2010

5th Grade magazine bowls

The fifth Grade students learned the craft of creating coiled bowls out of the pages of recycled magazines. Not only is this project economical (the only materials used are recycled magazines and paper mache glue), but it teaches the students to reuse/renew/recycle!


  1. This project is so Gorgeous. Do you mind me asking. . .How long did it take? How difficult was it? And What is Paper mache glue?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I did these last year with my fifth grade students and it did take them some time. They were very competitive on who could get the biggest bowl. We mod podged at the end and it held very nicely and created a nice shine.

  3. Art Project Girl--
    The glue is called "Elmer's Paper Mache Art Paste." It comes in a powder form, and you mix it with water. I love using this glue because it comes in a small 2oz package and it makes 4 quarts of glue! As Shannon suggested, you can also use mod podge, which will give the bowl a nice shine. The bowls in the pictures took the students 3 class periods (40 minutes each class). I like the idea of a competition, and I'm sure that would motivate students as well.

  4. I tried this and they LOVED it! They worked in groups some making coils some coiling the whole only made a handful of bowls. But no one cared who took them home. They needed the time to work with each other and loved the process. Thank you!~