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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cool Color pinch pots!

Cherry Trees

The first grade students learned how to paint without using a brush (or fingers). They blew through a straw to move black ink around on the paper in order to create the tree trunks. After the ink dried, the students used brushes to apply red acrylic paint for the cherry blossoms.


The second Grade students put their weaving and painting skills to use in order to make these colorful flowers.

Coil Pots

The sixth Grade students learned how to create a sturdy coil pot by using the technique of scoring and slipping. After the initial bisque firing, the students glazed the peices in order to create a usable pot.

Paintings in the Style of Thierry Noir

The sixth Grade students learned about the contemporary artist, Thierry Noir, who risked his life to create paintings on the Berlin Wall in the early 1980's. The students adopted his style of painting, and they created their own paintings inspired by Noir.

Third Grade: What We Learned in Art This Year

"Things that are closer are big, and things that are far away are small."

"How to make a pinch pot"

"I learned what a mandala is"

"I learned a bunch about different artists and their paintings"

"How to draw a window"

"Nothing is impossible with art!"

"I learned how to make shoes out of cardboard, newspaper, and paint."

"I learned how to overlap"

"molding clay is squishy"

"We learned that artists take time on projects"