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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Relief Printing

The fifth grade students have been working dilligently on planning, carving, and pulling relief prints. The images are carved out of Speedball SpeedyCut blocks, which work great for this grade level because they are very soft.

Initially the students answered the following questions in order to thoroughly plan their prints:

Planning a Print

Printmaker Tom Killion spent a large amount of his time creating sketches and planning his prints before the artwork was completed. Planning is a very important step in the printmaking process, and the success of your print will depend, in part, upon the time and effort you invest in planning.

1.Tom Killion created prints of the natural landscape because it is what he loves and what he finds to be beautiful; nature is what inspires him to create. Likewise, what inspires YOU to create? What do you love? Make a list of 6 things that inspire you (My list is: animals, homes, travel, maps, modes of transportation, and geodes!)

2. Pick four items from the above list and create 4 sketches of them in the
Space below:

After completing the planning worksheet, the students learned the safety rules and proper techniques used in carving. They carved away negative space in order to leave their desired image. Next, the students learned how to properly apply ink to the block by rolling it on with the brayer. Lastly, the students learned how to properly title, number, and sign the prints. I was impressed by the creativity of some of the titles (i.e. "I have no fear my sister is here").

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