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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Final works!

Over the past two months 16 students, ranging from grade 2-5, have spent 3 hours per week learning how to form clay creations. The ceramics class was one of the afterschool classes offered in the fall session of the Allstar Academy program at Crossroads Charter Academy. The students learned how to create functional and sculptural ceramic artworks by using slab, pinch, and coil methods. The students learned about the process of sculpting, bisque firing, glazing, and glaze firing. Students also learned that sculpting requires creative problem solving. For example, the student must reflect on the following while sculpting:

1. What is the purpose of my sculpture?
2. How is my sculpture going to stand?
3. What method(s) will I use to arrive at my final sculpture (slab, pinch, coil, etc)?
4. What color of glaze would look best on the form I created?
5. Oh no! My artwork is slumping over! How am I going to make it more sturdy?

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  1. I love the Japanese landscapes you did with 2nd graders. Do you remember where you obtained photos or images to show your children? I want to do a similar project with my multi aged Art Club and am struggling to find suilable images. Many thanks, Liz in the UK