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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5th Grade Symbols

The Fifth Grade Students learned about the Contemporary American Artist Ida Kohlmeyer. They viewed her painting "Circus Series No. 3-2," which uses symbols to communicate meaning. We talked about different symbols, and the students used both conventional symbols and their own imaginative symbols in a grid drawing. They reviewed warm and cool colors and used an intentional color pattern in their drawings.

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  1. Hey Mrs. Eshelman! These are awesome! Just when I think I've seen the coolest one, another one comes along to win the prize! The symbols are way cool, and I love the hands, and the giants that are soooooo tall their heads won't even fit the page. Wow! I wish you had been my art teacher in grade school. (sort of a "Back to the Future" kind of thing) Thanks for the posts and for including me. I hope all is well! love you, AP